Rules and Policies

The platform / service / site / technology, in which you are enrolled, is owned by the company MEMORIA RIGOROSA, UNIPESSOAL LDA, headquartered at R. Frei Pedro da Guarda, Ed. Quinta da Torre BL G, Shop 46H - Room 2, 9300-066 Câmara de Lobos, VAT: 516106260, Email:, Phone: 967033411 (Call to national mobile network), , and all regulations, rights, and duties associated must be attributed to this company, based on the policies and regulations described below.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

1. In compliance with Law 67/98 of October 26 on the protection and processing of personal data, MEMÓRIA RIGOROSA UNIP. LDA informs its clients, participants in productions, users identified as clients of its website:, app, email, phone, social media, and livestream. The data provided through the aforementioned means, through corresponding paper or electronic forms, photographs, videos, sound communication, or received emails that are considered personal data are provided voluntarily and without the lack thereof implying a loss of the quality of the services provided unless otherwise indicated in writing.

2. This data will be incorporated into an automated file under the responsibility of MEMÓRIA RIGOROSA, UNIP. LDA in accordance with the provisions of article 5 of Law 67/98 of October 26.

3. The User, client, or participant in the productions consents to and is informed of the processing and use of their data through automatic systems in order to respond to their information request, manage the dissemination of submitted audiovisual and graphic material, and, if applicable, the existing contractual relationship, as well as to keep them informed of products, services, radio and/or television programs, as well as about all activities of MEMÓRIA RIGOROSA, UNIP. LDA (news, updates, events, publications, training, etc.) even after said relationship has ended.

4. The User, client, or participant in the productions is also informed about the possibility of exercising the rights granted by law, namely, the right to information, access, rectification, erasure, and opposition to their data.

5. In the case of minors, their parents or legal representatives may exercise those rights on their behalf.

6. MEMÓRIA RIGOROSA, UNIP. LDA requests minors to consult with their parents or legal representatives before providing personal data. In no case will minors be asked for data related to or concerning the economic situation or private life of other family members.

7. In the case of clients and participants in the training provided by our company, these, due to the nature of the training itself, grant the rights to the images collected in the training environment, being used solely for analysis purposes in training, may be published and subsequently deleted.

8. MEMÓRIA RIGOROSA, UNIP. LDA guarantees that it has adopted the necessary security measures legally required within its facilities, systems, and files to also ensure the security of the files where personal data is incorporated, avoiding their loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access, and theft.

9. However, notwithstanding the above, the client, participant in the productions, or user is aware of the possibility that the security of electronic communications is not invulnerable.

10. Nevertheless, MEMÓRIA RIGOROSA, UNIP. LDA will disclose to the competent public authorities personal data and any other information that is in its possession or accessible through its systems that is required in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

11. The user expressly consents to their data being transferred for the purposes referred to in the first paragraph or for other purposes with which MEMÓRIA RIGOROSA, UNIP. LDA concludes collaboration agreements and/or to their providers.

12. However, if the client, participant in the productions, or user does not wish this processing to be carried out, they can communicate their desire to the DPO at the following address: R. Frei Pedro da Guarda, Ed. Quinta da Torre BL G, Shop 46H - Room 2, 9300-066 Câmara de Lobos, VAT: 516106260, Email:, Phone: 967033411, meaning that according to current legislation, until such communication is made to MEMÓRIA RIGOROSA, UNIP. LDA, consent is deemed to be granted.

Delete my account and erase all my personal data and generated content!

1. Your account's ID and EMAIL will be encrypted and kept, according to GDPR, to prevent the creation of duplicate accounts in the future.

2. Except for the ID and EMAIL, all other data filled in on your account profile will be deleted.

3. All channel data filled in on the account profile will be deleted.

4. All content created in your account, as well as all uploaded files, will be deleted.

5. Logs of created events, as well as generated VOD video files, will be deleted.

6. The record of video views and any other records or logs of the use of your account will also be deleted, except for the date of account creation and deletion.

7. With login to your account in site:, navigate to the user icon to profile, choose the tab: Account status and change password, click on the line: I want to delete my account

Civil Code, Article 79 (Right to Image)

1. A person's portrait may not be exhibited, reproduced, or marketed without their consent; after the death of the person portrayed, authorization belongs to the persons designated in article 71(2), in the order indicated therein.

2. The consent of the person portrayed is not necessary when justified by their notoriety, the position they hold, police or judicial requirements, scientific, educational, or cultural purposes, or when the reproduction of the image is framed in public places or in events of public interest or that have occurred publicly.

3. The portrait may not, however, be reproduced, exhibited, or marketed if it results in harm to the honor, reputation, or simple decency of the person portrayed.

Terms and Conditions of Use

All rights to the name or brand STREAM-SX belong to the company MEMORIA RIGOROSA, UNIPESSOAL LDA, exclusively owned by it and its assigned partners for the commercialization of marketing products, advertising, or services such as the use of the same name and

Events streamed or audiovisual content uploaded to the STREAM-SX platform must be classified according to the current communication law and are always displayed under the responsibility of the client, who must use their content according to the option that best suits their needs.

Promotional videos, generic content, and intervening brands displayed on client accounts are their responsibility. They may also make them available to event organizers and respective partners for sharing and dissemination on their distribution channels (website, social media, press, newsletter, etc.).

All audiovisual content published on the client's account, whether cultural, entertainment, political, or news-related, must adhere to the policies, rights, and duties defended by the client and published on their website or app.

The related rights concerning the transmission of audiovisual content from the client's account, as well as the generated and generic videos, are the property of the client's account or channel.

Any rights, claims, or copyright complaints applied to the content of the client's account or channel will always be the responsibility of the client to address and resolve directly with the complainant.

Events or paid content from the client's channel are received by the STREAM-SX platform and transferred within 3 days after receiving the client's invoice for the channel.

For public knowledge, consult the regulations of each of the partners included in the STREAM-SX platform on their respective websites:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense
  • Stream-SX
  • Node js
  • WebOS
  • Tysen

  • Cookie Usage Policy

    STREAM-SX.COM uses cookies and similar technologies to enhance the browsing experience of users on the contents of each channel to be made available on client websites. This cookie usage policy explains how and why we collect, store, and use data through cookies when users use our iframes and platform, app, and website.

    In addition to the information collected through cookies, when you use our platform, website, app, or include our iframes on your website, we may also collect and store other information, including:

  • Login Data: When you authenticate on our website, we collect your login data for authentication and security purposes.
  • Date and Time of Content Viewing: We may record the date and time when you view the contents of our website for statistical and traffic analysis purposes.
  • Preferences: We may collect information about your website usage preferences, such as language and region settings, to personalize your browsing experience.

  • Controlling Cookies:

  • You can control and/or delete cookies as desired. For more information on how to do this, consult the help section of your browser or visit the website, which contains detailed information on how to manage cookies in different browsers.
  • By continuing to use our website without changing your cookie settings, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this policy.

  • Content Policy: Prevention of Pornographic Content and Violence

    This policy aims to create a safe and respectful online environment for all identified users as clients. For this purpose, we strictly prohibit the use of pornography and any form of incitement to violence, abuse, or violations of human rights on our platforms.


    Pornography: Any material describing or representing explicit sexual acts intended to cause sexual arousal.

    Violence and Abuse: Content that promotes, glorifies, or justifies acts of physical, emotional, or psychological violence against humans, animals, or groups.

    Violation of Human Rights: Content that supports or promotes violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms, including discrimination, racism, religious intolerance, xenophobia, among others.


    Sending, sharing, or promoting pornographic content on our platforms is not allowed.

    Posting, transmitting, or promoting any form of violence, including physical assaults, bullying, threats, hate speech, or any act that violates the physical or emotional integrity of individuals or groups, is prohibited.

    We do not tolerate content that violates basic human rights, including any form of hate speech, racism, xenophobia, gender discrimination, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnic origin.

    Responsibilities of Identified Users as Clients:

    All identified users as clients are responsible for respecting this policy and reporting any content that violates these guidelines.

    Identified users as clients must understand that non-compliance with these policies may result in disciplinary measures, including content removal, access restriction, or account termination.

    Reports and Complaints:

    We encourage all identified users as clients to report any content they believe violates this policy. Reports will be treated confidentially and investigated appropriately.

    Identified users as clients can use the designated communication channels to make reports or contact the support team for additional assistance.

    Policy Updates:

    This policy may be periodically revised to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with current ethical and legal standards.

    By using our platforms, you agree to adhere to this usage policy and contribute to a safe, respectful, and inclusive online environment for all identified users as clients.

    In case of dispute, the consumer can resort to an alternative dispute resolution entity: Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center of Madeira, phone 291 215 070

    Any complaint or request for clarification can be made to the email, requesting the appropriate form. Or directly on the ERC portal at:

    Consult Annex a) transcribed below or the link:

    Criminal Code, Article 199º, Consult Annex b) or link:

    More Information on Consumer Portal


    Prepara os equipamentos, liga ao equipamento de encode, configura o software de encode com o URL da sua conta de STREAM SX e stream key e selecciona os diferentes destinatários do stream.

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